Wealth has its advantages. You can buy just about any "toy" imaginable with your money. That includes your own plane. If you do not want to buy a personal jet, you can always buy your own two-seater plane and fly it yourself. In fact, when you have money, you also have the time to learn new skills that are invaluable. Here is why putting your luxury lifestyle and wealth to good use by learning how to fly is more valuable than money itself.

You Will Never Be Without a Plane Ride

Imagine never having to wait at an airport or get searched by the airport guards before finding out that there are no seats left on the plane and you have been bumped. That is a lot of hassle when you want to go somewhere or need to go somewhere. If you have your own plane, and you have successfully completed flight training, you can go wherever you want, whenever you want.

NO Extremely Expensive Plane Tickets

Let's see...you paid for flight training and your own two-seater plane. That comes out to about one to two-hundred grand. Yet, if you are a frequent flyer and pay hundreds of dollars a month to fly, your own flight training and personal plane pays for itself in a year or two. That is just an all-around good investment for your wealth, as you will never have to pay for another plane ticket ever again.

Spontaneity That Really Impresses

Wealth, in and of itself, impresses others. Yet, think about how impressive flying your own plane would be. Dates would be in awe. Business associates and partners would want to get to know you better and do more business with you.

Everyone would see you not only as a wealthy individual, but also as someone who is not afraid to learn invaluable skills and work hard to acquire those skills. You could fly to pick up potential business partners in your own plane, or take a date from Los Angeles to New York City in just a few hours to attend a sold-out concert. Now, that is even more impressive than wealth alone.

Taking over as a Pilot on a Plane Headed for a Crash

So, if you ever decide to take a ride in a commercial plane again, you could also become a hero. If the commercial plane ran into some trouble and was in the midst of an emergency with no one to pilot the plane, you could do it. Your flight training would save hundreds of lives, and then you would not only be known as "that wealthy person," but also as the "hero of flight 1234". 

Contact a flight school, like Institute of Aviation at Parkland College, for more help.